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Chairperson Message

The concept of creative industries is a new global concept that includes many professions, trades, and industries that depend on creativity and innovation. Innovation and creativity represent the basic pillars of the knowledge economy, which in turn is the current global economic trend, and countries today seek to build a knowledge-based economy that replaces traditional economies, so they work hard to adopt creativity and innovation as one of the most important pillars in their economies. The growth of the knowledge economy depends on the participation of all components and groups of society, unlike the traditional economies. The wider the partnership, the greater the volume of knowledge and the development of the economic system. In the International Club for Creative Industries, we aim to create an incubator that supports and promotes creative and innovative ideas, and we strive to be a participatory platform that helps innovators and creators in all fields, whether artistic, craft or design. Our system of work also includes supporting entrepreneurs and emerging projects through an advanced business incubator that contributes to developing innovative solutions. The International Creative Industries Club provides a fertile environment for affiliates that contribute to developing innovative ideas, providing supportive consultations for small projects, and promoting the formation of business incubators that represent a strong starting point for every innovative project; in addition to that, we strive to be part of the creative cultural scene at the international level.
Dr. Amal Al Ali